6 Must-Try Vegan Restaurants in San Francisco

I ate my way through San Francisco and came up with a list of my favorite vegan restaurants and dishes in the city! The 6 vegan San Fran restaurants range from cheap traditional vegan Chinese food to pricey raw vegan dinners. There is a little bit of everything for every traveler.

Here are my favorite 6 MUST-EAT vegan restaurants in San Francisco:

1. Ananda Fuara

If I could have gone to Ananda Fuara every day on my trip, I would have. The food tastes super fresh and healthy. It’s affordable for San Francisco. Also, the service was excellent. I cannot say anything bad about this place.

Recommendation: samosas and veggie burger (lunch menu)

Price: $

2. Gracias Madre

Gracias Madre is a chic plant-based Mexican restaurant. If you’re on a budget, it’s a bit on the pricier side. I would save it for a nice dinner. I recommend the mole enchiladas or the tacos. The portions are moderate.

Recommendation: mole enchiladas

Price: $$

3. Vegan Picnic

I LOVED this cute cafe. Vegan Picnic is perfect for carry-out or a casual solo lunch (seating is limited). Bonus: you cannot leave without buying their massive vegan donuts.

Recommendation: crispy chicken sandwich + macaroni salad

Price: $

4. Lucky Creation

In the heart of Chinatown, you can find this “hole in the wall” veggie Chinese restaurant. It’s a busy spot with an extensive menu and friendly staff. You cannot go wrong! The portions are large and the price is affordable! *Cash only restaurant*

Recommendation: potstickers, spring rolls, and lemon chiken

Price: $

5. Pena Pachamama

Pena Pachamama is a Bolivian restaurant with live music! Their menu is completely vegan AND they even have a raw vegan menu. *gasps* It was amazing. The portions are a bit small and the prices are moderate to high. I recommend the raw pizza, tacos, and mandatory raw cheesecake for dessert!

Recommendations: raw pizza, tacos, and cheesecake (off raw vegan menu)

Price: $$

6. Cafe de Casa

Cafe de Casa is a cute Brazilian cafe with yummy açaí bowls and coffee. It is not vegan, but they have great vegan options!

Recommendation: açaí bowl + americano

Price: $

Thanks for reading!!! Have any other vegan favs in San Francisco? Let me know in the comments! xoxo

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Six best vegan restaurants in San Francisco. Ranging from authentic Chinatown vegan food to chic raw vegan, something for everyone! #vegansanfran

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