8 Best Vegan Restaurants in Antigua

Antigua, Guatemala is a hub for great vegan and vegetarian food. It’s a vegan paradise, ya’ll. Antigua is flooded with green juices, tofu, veggie burgers, and some amazing vegan restaurants.

I’ve done some serious research and tried every vegan place in town. Below is a list of top vegan restaurants in Antigua PLUS 2 bonus spots (grocery store + organic market) in Antigua!

(not all are vegan, but all have great vegan options):


Samsara is the OG of vegan food in Antigua. When I visited this beautiful city 3 years, I went to Samsara almost every single day. And I wasn’t even vegetarian or vegan at the time, THAT is how good the food is!

They have alkaline drinks, green juices for every ailment, raw salads, and scrumptious raw vegan desserts. The restaurant is decked out in spiritual art with cool music playing.

Samsara is my #1 vegan restaurant in Antigua– do not skip!

Recommendation: Everything. (lol)

Price: $


The name “sabe rico (tastes delicious)” tells you how good this restaurant is going to be. The menu is great, they even have kombucha cocktails *gasps.* My favorite thing about this place is the vegan baked goods and the little organic store connected to the restaurant. There is fresh granola, homemade jam, fresh bread, kombucha (I love kombucha), and other vegan treats!

Recommendation: every single vegan baked good

Price: $$

Union Cafe

Union café is a recent discovery. They have a extensive list of fresh superfood juices/smoothies and homemade kombucha. There are vegan pancakes, vegan tacos, and vegan pesto pasta! Also, the décor is super cute.

Recommendation: homemade kombucha + vegan pancakes

Price: $

Rainbow Cafe

This café is perfect for budget travelers! Everything is CHEAP and DELICIOUS! For vegetarians, I recommend the Chapin breakfast which is the typical Guatemalan breakfast for less than $5. For vegans, I recommend a lunchtime veggie sandwich or falafel.

They also have open mic nights and cool events. Check out their entertainment schedule!

Recommendation: veggie sandwich

Price: $

Açaí by Juanjo and Elena

Acai is a new café that just popped up. My favorite thing about Açaí is the yummy açaí bowls! It is perfect for breakfast or a midday coffee and hummus sandwich! The owners are a beautiful Guatemalan couple who promote health and wellness.

Recommendation: açaí bowl

Price: $

Toko Baru

Toko Baru is another cheap food joint on the list. This place is cute and small. There are three veggie options on the menu (falafel, kofta, and sabij). The flavors are amazing and everything is under $5!

Note: there is no wifi, so bring a book or journal is you’re going for a solo lunch.

Recommendation: kofta

Price: $


Zoola is an Israeli-run hostel and restaurant. Come and sit on traditional cushions and eat vegetarian Mediterranean cuisine and smoke hookah for dessert. It’s a lovely dinner date spot!

Recommendation: falafel wrap + hookah

Price: $

La Bruja

I put La Bruja on the list for its ambiance and vegan specialty items. First, it’s in a cute plaza with plants and vendors–it’s great. Secondly, it has a completely vegan menu with a create your own veggie burger option. It is a bit pricey and the food was decent, but not my favorite.

Recommendation: create your own veggie burger

Price: $$

On a Budget and Want to Cook Instead? Vegan Stores and Markets in Antigua:

Orgánica Food Store

Orgánica is an organic shop offering local and imported goods. Some of my favorites: organic peanut butter, GF fresh granola, cliff bars and other protein bars, essential oils, vegan milks, and more!

El Mercado

With all these great restaurants, you can’t go wrong with heading to the local mercado. Antigua has a plentiful market filled with rows of fresh fruits and vegetables— the cheapest meal in town! Feel free to haggle at the different stands, it’s normal to ask for lower prices or a bundle deal. I usually whip up a veggie stir fry or a fruit salad from goodies from the market.

Caoba Farms

Caoba Farms is a beautiful organic farm and shop located about a 10-minute walk or so outside of town. They host events and farmer’s markets, check them out on Facebook!

Bonus: MUST-DO in Antigua, Guatemala

Grab a drink at Cafe Sky. The frozen smoothies are vegan.

Thanks for reading! xoxo what’s your favorite vegan restaurant or market in Antigua? Any other Qs on Antigua? Leave them in the comments!

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