Pick My Brain Session

With 6 years of extensive travel experience and 4 years of travel blogging experience, I’m here to transfer all my knowledge to YOU!

Why now? I get the questions “how do you afford to travel?” and “how do people make money blogging?” often. There seems to be a knowledge gap of people who want something more out of life but don’t see it as obtainable. I’m here to share that it’s possible and show you how.

The world is pivoting. Impact, creation, and innovation are things the Universe is begging us to lean into. We have a duty to share our knowledge and art with the world.

After a deep period of reflection this year, I know it’s my time to share.

Session Topics Can Include but aren’t limited to:

  • Travel Blogging & Online Business
    • Start a Money-Making, Impactful Travel Blog
    • Thrive at Pinterest
    • Start a Monthly Newsletter
    • Start a YouTube Channel
    • Instagram Engagement + Growth
    • How to Write + Publish an Ebook
  • Mindset
    • Create the life you want
    • Master a morning routine
    • Tackle roadblocks in your life
    • Minimalism

Tell me what’s included!

  • 1:1 45-minute video chat with me
  • Recorded video sent to you

Are you ready to take your life or business to the next level? Book a session with me. ($75)